Immersive Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is all about physically visiting places.The travelling time and the cost, limits the number of places which you can visit. Wouldn't it be great if you were to be taken to such great places digitally and to see how these places really looked back in time?

Our Vision

Paint a more accurate picture about the Sri Lankan History, and provide access to almost all our archaeological heritage sites from a convenient time and place.

Our Mission

To merge immersive technologies to benefit people, in experiencing an accurate virtual presence by seeing our national heritage sites.

What We Do


Virtually reconstruct the ruined archaeological heritage sites with the use of 3D technology as close as to their real state to how they were in the past.


Facilitate people to experience the virtually reconstructed sites through Virtual Reality (VR) Technology as Virtual Tours.


Immerse the person in these virtual tours, where they will be virtually taken back in time while talking them through the site.

How do we Do It?

Step 1 : Collect Information

Once an archaeological heritage site is selected for the reconstruction, the information about the site such as structural drawings of the existing ruines, base planes, conservation drawings, etc. will be collected

Step 2 : 3D reconstruction

Once all the information is gathered, the site is reconstructed using 3D technology.

Step 3 : VR Tour Development

Virtual Reality is capable of providing a real like immersive experience other than watching a video on a 2D screen. So that the Virtual Reality tour for the reconstructed archaeology site is created by adding visual effects, sound effects, motions, animations, etc.

Step 4 : Accuracy Validation & Usability Test

The accuracy of the site’s virtual reconstruction and the virtual tour is provided with the validation and approval given by the Archaeology Department of Sri Lanka. The usability of the tour is checked with a selected group of people and doing any further improvements based on the feedback provided by them.

Step 5 : Ready to be Immersed

Once the tour is ready, we make it available through our VR platform which will be located in places of common interest (Eg: Museums, Tourist hotels and resorts etc.)

Current Status

Currently we are in the process of virtually reconstructing the archeological monuments in Polonnaruwa quadrangle(Dalada Maluwa). Polonnaruwa Watadageya, Nishshankalatha Pavilion and the Thuparama Image House are fully reconstructed along with the VR tours.

From Where you can experience

You can experience these Virtual Reality tours from our VR booth facility at “Ape Gama” Cultural Museum in Battaramulla.(Currently closed due to the Covid-19 situation)

Awards and Recognitions

Our initiative on virtually reconstructing the Archaeological heritage sites and creating virtual tours was recognized with multiple awards.


eSwabhimani 2018 under Culture and Tourism category organised by ICTA

Bronze Award

National ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2016 organised by British Computer Society, Sri Lanka

Merit Award

National ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2020 organised by British Computer Society, Sri Lanka

Further we have been selected for the Spiralation Seed Funding Program in 2019 organized by ICTA in Sri Lanka.

We are conducting this work under the supervision of ICTA with the guidance of the Archaeology Department of Sri Lanka.

Image Galary

Snapshots of the 3D reconstructions

Polonnaruwa Vatadage

Front View

Polonnaruwa Vatadage


Polonnaruwa Vatadage


Polonnaruwa Vatadage

Moon Stone

Thuparama Image House

Front View

Polonnaruwa Vatadage


Thuparama Image House

Bird Eye View

Nishshanka Latha Mandapaya


Polonnaruwa Vatadage

Wall Decoration

Nishshanka Latha Mandapaya

Front View

Thuparama Image House


Polonnaruwa Quadrangle

Bird Eye View

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