Frammix Augmented Reality Engine

Frammix AR engine is built on top of ARKit and ARCore to blend the virtual objects with your real environment with the use of Augmented Reality technology. This engine can be easily integrated with any business application to provide better experience for the customers and get more benefits. Frammix AR engine supports Android iOS and web platforms.


Multi Platform Support

Support Android, iOS and Web platforms.

Easy to Integrated

Can be easily integrated with your business.

Immersive Experience

Provides a real like Immersive experience.

Frammix Dream Canvas

Frammix Dream Canvas is a sample mobile app which shows the basic functionality, applied with the AR experience to an ecommerce mobile app for a Furniture business. It uses the Android and iOS versions of the Frammix AR engine.

Dream Canvas mobile allows you to virtually place real scale 3D models of the furniture items on your own space. With the combination of the latest AR technology with the Frammix AR engine, Dream Canvas allows you to virtually furnish your whole room just using your Andoid or iOS mobile device.

To Visualize a Product Within a Space,

Select a furniture item from the digital catalog and press “View in AR” button from the product page.

This will open your mobile phone camera. Move your phone around until it shows a white color circle pointer. Place the pointer where you want the furniture item to be placed and press the AR button.

this slowpoke moves

Want to Try Dream Canvas?

iOS Users

Provide us your AppleID.

We’ll send you an email once the Dream Canvas is ready for you to download via TestFlight.

You have to have the TestFlight app installed on your Apple Device.

Android Users

Visit Google Playstore and download the Dream Canvas App.

Frammix Web AR Engine

Frammix Web AR engine facilitates the user to experience Augmented Reality without installing a separate app. Frammix Web AR engine runs on top of the mobile web browser and while surfing the web, the user can switch to the AR view through the website itself. This will help to enhance the web surfing experience of the user. Further by integrating our AR engine with your business website, you can provide a better experience for your customers and get more benefits.

this slowpoke moves

Get a Headsup Demo

For Android, use Google Chrome web browser,
For iOS, use WebXR Viewer web browser.
And go to the following

Want to Integrate?

If you wish to integrate the Frammix AR engine with your business, please write to us. We’ll get back to you right away.


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